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Australasian Philosophical Review is a new and exciting journal in Open Peer Commentary format. It publishes significant and controversial invited lead articles by authors from all areas of philosophy, together with invited and open peer commentaries on those invited lead articles, and authors' responses to those commentaries.

Each issue has a different curator, (chosen by a committee of the Australasian Association of Philosophy); the curator is responsible for the choice of the authors of the invited lead article and the invited commentaries. 

Editorial Board

Andrew Benjamin (Monash)

Jacqueline Broad (Monash)

Stephen Davies (Auckland)

Penelope Deutscher (Northwestern)

Lisa Ellis (Otago)

John Finnis (Oxford)

Jay Garfield (Smith)

Moira Gatens (Sydney)

Fiona Jenkins (ANU)

Mark Johnston (Princeton)

Karen Jones (Melbourne)

Marguerite La Caze (Queensland)

Karyn Lai (UNSW)

Chenyang Li (NTU)

Cathay Liu (Yale/NUS)

Jeff Malpas (Tasmania)

Alex Miller (Otago)

Kristie Miller (Sydney)

Paul Patton (UNSW)

Laurie Paul (Chapel Hill)

Michael Pelczar (NUS)

Philip Pettit (Princeton)

Emma Rush (CSU)

Peter Singer (Princeton)

Christine Swanton (Auckland)

Brian Weatherson (Michigan)

Caroline West (Sydney)

John Williams (SMU)

Professor Graham Oppy

School of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies

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Mohan Matthan

Volume 1 Issue 1

Curator : Jennifer McMahon

Theme : Aesthetic Pleasure

Lead Author : Mohan Matthen

Lead Article : The Pleasure of Art 

Invited commentaries from: 

Cynthia A. Freeland, Paul Guyer, & Robert Sinnerbrink

Abstract submission for open peer commentaries by 15 April 2016

Commentator resources for Volume 1 Issue 1

Steven Yablo

Volume 1 Issue 2

Curator : Stuart Brock & Richard Joyce

Theme : 

Ontological Commitment, Logical Subtraction, Fictionalism, If-Thenism

Lead Author : Stephen Yablo

Lead Article : If-Thenism

Invited Commentaries from: 

Mary Leng, Gideon Rosen, Amie Thomasson


Stuart Brock, Richard Joyce, Edwin Mares, & Cei Maslen

Abstract submission for open peer commentaries by 15 May 2016

Commentator resources for Volume 1 Issue 2

Volume 1 issue 3

Curator : Karyn Lai

Theme : 

Comparative Ancient Chinese and Ancient Greek philosophy

Lead Author : G. E. R. Lloyd

Lead Article : "The Fortunes of Analogy"

Invited Commentaries from: 

Lisa RaphalsAdriane Rini,  Raoul Mortley 

Committee: Karyn Lai, Loy Hui Chieh, Michaelis Michael 

Abstract submission for open peer commentaries by 15 October 2016

Commentator resources for Volume 1 issue 3

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